Types of Investments

GreyLion seeks to invest in companies with compelling growth prospects, achievable through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

We look to partner with business owners and management teams with a clear history of and vision for creating value through growth. GreyLion is differentiated by our willingness to customize a structure and security in a variety of situations that allows both parties to achieve their objectives.

We will invest in a variety of situations, including:

  1. Growth Capital
    GreyLion provides equity to companies in need of later stage growth capital to accelerate organic growth or execute acquisition strategies
  2. Founder/Family-Owned
    GreyLion is often the first institutional capital in a business and thus we understand how to effectively partner with founders/family owners
  3. Minority Investments
    GreyLion has a long history of successfully partnering with management teams through a minority investment structure
  4. Corporate Carve Out
    GreyLion invests in divisions or subsidiaries of larger corporations where we believe value can be created
  5. Recapitalization
    GreyLion has extensive experience in customizing control and minority deal structures to help facilitate ownership transitions and capital structure changes